About Me

I’m Maya Adivi, a makeup artist and writer originally from Toronto, Canada. Most of my writing is about fashion and beauty, which I cover for Glowsly and BeautyMag. You can read my more journalistic writing in The Armenian Weekly and PopDust.

The way the fashion and beauty industries intersect with grand societal issues has always fascinated me, so I always relish the opportunity to write on these topics. Runway trends often reflect modern hopes and anxieties, while new makeup releases show us exactly what kind of beauty society values. I can derive conclusions on gender, class, or race from a few beauty campaigns.

All this being said, I still enjoy giving straightforward advice on how to get clear skin or draw a sharp eyeliner wing. I favor an evidence-based approach to beauty and take pride in my ability to make complex scientific concepts understandable.

My go-to voice is approachable yet authoritative, and I work quickly to produce clean, engaging copy. I’m adept at SEO, with my articles regularly ranking in the top search results.

I worked for two years with Nairian, Armenia’s first major cosmetics brand, on content development which included blogging and social media management as well as writing website copy, product descriptions, and B2B copy.

My freelance writing career has given me the opportunity to call the entire world my home. When I’m not writing I play the ukulele, explore the city I’m visiting, read both news and fiction, and worry about the future of the planet.

Feel free to check out my writing samples, or get in touch with me!